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August 11th, 2009 Fee

The sun’s out again at last, overall yet another wet summer here in ’sunny’ Surrey…again!

CSackboyurrently on the needles at Chez Fee is the last arm of a Sackboy (pattern) for Paul’s birthday, his head, legs and other arm are stuffed and ready to go, I need to dismantle a pair of old jeans to pinch the zip from it before I can stuff the body.

Oh, that reminds me, I need to buy two little black buttons for his eyes too.  All of this before Thursday!  I’ve also got the beginnings of a scarf on my other needles, for the ‘Scarves for Women’s Refuge‘ collection on Downsizer and had a reply from Bliss about knitting for Frimley Park Hospital premature babies. They welcome blankets, hats, scarves and booties, so no doubt I’ll knit up some hats at least.  Such good causes, how can they be ignored? :)

Work is keeping constant, and yesterday Sites by Fee were awarded the contract to redesign the Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames website.  I’ve also decided to work a bit longer on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and have Wednesdays off.

When I was working for IBM (in my corporate monkey days), I always said having Wednesdays off would make the perfect week, and wouldn’t mind putting in the extra time throughout the week so that I still met my 37 hours.  I’ve been self-employed for over 3 years now, and I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner.

The garden is mostly looking good, if a bit weedy (grrr), the broad beans and peas have just finished as the courgettes and runner beans pick up their pace and could feed a family of 10, never mind just us! We had the first good handful of raspberries at the weekend, as the blueberries come to an end. Wild strawbs are still providing a bit of yumminess to my breakfastand our dwarf pear has three lovely pears growing on it for the first time in the three years we’ve had it (in a pot).

The pond was being taken over by the watercress, so it got a bit of a hair cut.  Paul reckons it isn’t edible, something he read in a foodie magazine about watercress in ponds, but I’m still here!

Getting itchy feet for a bigger garden again at the mo, there’s a fabulous looking farmhouse for sale in Portugal that really got us wondering, it’s only £170,000, has 15 acres, plenty of space, an orchard, olive trees, grape vines, but unfortunately it’s in Portugal and we’re not really up to moving abroad we don’t think.  We can dream though.  Go and dream yourself,  Found it while looking through the properties for sale on Green Shifters.  Ooooh, such a temptress, hehehe.

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