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The sausages turned out really well, we did half chilli and half garden herbs (Scarborough Fair without the parsley, so rosemary, thyme and sage). The seasoning all came from the garden, the chillies were last years, which have been dried and ground.

Homemade Sausages

Had a BBQ at the weekend, almost everything was homemade, with the exception of the tomatoes and lettuce, though they were both local. We had burgers and sausages in homemade burger baps and sausage buns (wholemeal, a bit more dense than I would ideally have liked), potato salad with chives from the garden and homemade mayonaise (using sunflower oil this time, the extra virgin olive oil tastes disgusting as mayo).

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Making Our Own Sausages

I’ve just returned from our local butcher, who I went to see to ask if he had any sausage casings. I got a big bundle of them from him, and a bag of rusk thrown in for nowt. What a nice man. It’s George Arthur Butchers in Lightwater, if you’re interested (I would link to his site, but it keeps crashing on me, so don’t want to do the same to you!).

I’ve taken a big portion of the hog casing off and have it soaking in water until tomorrow, and the pork is out of the freezer.

Our Dexter beef arrives from Rosewood Farms tomorrow, so it’s going to be one hell of a BBQ! I’m thinking slabs of beef, or perhaps homemade steakburgers and our own sausages, some homemade bread rolls, perhaps a bit of coldslaw and some rocket and watercress from the garden!

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Supermarket Free Month

Well, I didn’t keep on top of this blogging malarky, did I?

It has been decided, by me, that we’re not going to set foot in the supermarket for the month of May. It’s going to be fully about shopping locally, at local shops for local people.

We’ll be trying to buy mostly locally grown produce, as much as possible, use local companies, not big chains, and banish ourselves from feeling like we need the supermarket. The supermarkets are ruining our local industries, changing towns all over the country, and I for one don’t wish to be a part of that.

So join me on a trip through time and space…ok, maybe not time and space, Surrey and Hants maybe ;)

Wish me luck!

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